Web Site Credits & Acknowledgements

How this website was created: In 2013, we celebrated our 14th Anniversary and the site was redesigned to provide for the expanded, and growing, number of works. The galleries were divided into the various sections and new features were added such as Videos, Blog, Client Access Links, and a downloadable Catalog.


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• Photography for About the Artist & Contact: Carolyn Terry & Bob Smith

• Brian Keane created the music for many of the art piece videos found in the video section.

• My Thanks to: Cathy Berkley, Laura Armada, Bob Smith, John Santoro, Sandy Alves, Tim Emerson, Jen Freehill, Jim Crane, Doug Brown, Rich Clarkson, Jay Maisel, Bob Hodgell, E. Ashby Johnson, Phinizy Calhoun, Frances Huffman, Bob Phillips, Glenn Green, Laraine McGinnis, Linda Coatsworth, RT Williams, Arthur Skinner, Donna Overall, Aryn Moulton and Patti Barcroft.

• My Gratitude to Sue Espinosa, Ann Hill, Cathy Berkley, Bill Thornton, Ray & Cindy Foote, RT Williams, Elizabeth Webb, Doug Laird, Carol Wolicki, William Hance, Jay Nelson, Ben Willmore, James Bodine, Jane Lee, William Barnes, Peter Barnes, Pamela Mang, Nena & Edd Miller, Jason Barnes, Michael Berkley, Mary Ellen Calhoun, Cheryl Hunt-Eskew, Melanie Goux, Bob Ross, Nettie Oliverio and D.K. Jackson for their support and patronage.

• Special Thanks to Bill Atkinson for his inspiration by example and willingness to share what he’s learned with others who follow in his footsteps. Bill proved that digital imaging was finally ready for use in creating fine art. A link to Bill’s website is found under the LINKS tab at the top of this page.