Welcome to the Barnes Gallery

In this online home for the Fine Art of Robert Barnes, you can view and purchase original works of art and learn about the artist’s background and influences.

You can click through the galleries as a slide show or one at a time. The button under each piece called Image Info gives you brief descriptions that explain aspects of the art. And you can learn about upcoming exhibits, lectures, workshops and special offers through the Barnes Gallery Blog. The Video tab provides short tours of selected works to better to see the details.

To View the Galleries

Go to the galleries selector, at the top of each page, slide your mouse down the menu to an individual gallery, and explore it with the navigation buttons along the bottom of the images.

Click the right or left arrows on each screen to see the next image or the previous one in the gallery. You can see all the pictures in a specific gallery by clicking on the Slideshow button at the bottom of the screen. Or you can click the Thumbnails button to show you all of the pieces in that gallery and let you select a specific one that catches your eye.

Click the name Robert Barnes in the upper left corner to come back to the home page. The Blog, Video, About and Contact open their own separate pages. Just close the window when you want to return to the main gallery site. Links behave the same way and will take you to a few select web sites I respect and admire.

The ENTIRE portfolio is presented here online in extremely compressed versions. To allow reasonable download times, I have reduced the image size and sacrificed detail. I hope the beauty of the works still comes through.

For example: the image “Zion National Park” was compressed from 600 megabytes down to 400K. I want you to enjoy the images and get a sense of each piece. You understand that a computer screen can’t come close to showing you how these images really look. Only by visiting one of Robert's public exhibits can let you see the quality, color and impact of these works. I am happy that you can visit this site and share—in a virtual sense—my latest one-man show.