The Guide Includes:

• How To Use This Web Site

There are many features to this site, easy to overlook if you’re used to zipping through corporate sites. How to use…is your quick reference for sections worth a bit of extra attention.

• How To Place An Order

Ordering is easy, as explained in this section of the guide.

• Considering the Fine Art Print in the 21st Century

It seems there are a hundred different ways to view and evaluate art in the 21st Century. This section can expand your understanding of creating the art, digital printing techniques and how it relates to the traditional fields of analog photography and graphic design. Art collectors take notice.

• Catalog

Some people just want to browse through a catalog. The current catalog is available as a downloadable PDF file you can read at your leisure screen or print your own copy. Only current items are included in the catalog. It is updated as new works are added to the online gallery.

• Print Sizes Chart—A Visual Aid

This is a simple chart to help you visualize the relative sizes of one print to another. Some of the panoramic works are even larger than those shown in chart—each piece has an “Image Info” button to show you what sizes are available for that specific work.

• Copyright & You

Copyrights are often misunderstood, and this section answers many of the questions I get on a regular basis. Thanks to the Copyright Alliance for their kind permission to include their informative explanation.

• Web Site Credits & Acknowledgements

No one does anything good alone. I salute all those who have had a hand in motivating me, guiding me, and inspiring me in my art and the creation of this web site. To quote Clarence: “No one is a failure, who has friends.”